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Are You Feeling Disconnected to Yourself & Your Partner?

· Relationships

I see it all the time when I take on new clients…Couples have been together for a while suddenly find themselves distant and disconnected from their partner. For some, they are more connected to their phones and Facebook than to each other.

Life seems to be getting in the way and they spend their focus and time more on their career, finances, the house, kids etc. than each other. ‘Soulmates’ become ‘Roommates’ and romance & intimacy just fall off the wagon to the point where their sex life become non-existent.

Deep down they yearn to bring back the fun, excitement, deep connection and passionate love they once experienced in their relationship. They are constantly frustrated and just don’t know what to do!

Only if they knew that there are simple yet powerful ways to re-ignite connection & intimacy in your relationship.

Watch this video to get the simple tips to feel more connected and intimate with your partner

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