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Crazily, madly & deeply in love...with myself

Nothing in this world fills you up more than the feelings of crazily, madly and deeply in love with yourself, your soul, your body, your flaws and all the divinity from within.

It took me a looooooong time to land... and to fall back in love with Me.

My journey used to be about the ‘push’ more, ‘do’ more, ‘achieve’ more to fill in the void from within. Everything used to be outward and external.

I used to feel so distant and disconnected to myself. I suppressed so much of my feelings and emotions because people were uncomfortable when I cried, felt angry, sad or grief. A lot of time, I didn’t know how to even handle my own emotions. So I put a lid on my emotions and told my Feminine to just shut the f*ck up.

And the moment she (my inner Feminine) shut down that channel of life force, expression and energy, the Masculine in me felt out of sort, out of alignment and out of purpose. It was as if he just kept fighting wars and won battles for the sake of it. Deep down my Feminine was hurt, she felt disconnected, unheard and unloved.

Until one day, I just broke down in tears and felt like a complete failure. Despite all the things that I achieved, it never felt enough. I used to swing from one extreme of the pendulum to another, from ‘push -push’ to complete burnt out, it was my rinse and repeat for soooo long.

Just then I realised, I needed to journey within, to find and reclaim parts of myself that I disowned. To unlearn the generational conditions that I inherited. To end the war from within between Him (my inner masculine) and Her (my inner Feminine) and reunite the magnificent and infinite life force from this union.

Without ‘him’, life is just a place of chaos. Without ‘her’, life is without meaning. With ‘her’, he leads with purpose. With ‘him’, ‘she’ surrenders. Without either, we wouldn’t be complete.

Today as I look in the mirror, I felt in love with this depth of the woman I saw, the beautiful expression that she has, with how soft and sensual her body feels, with how much permission she now allows herself to feel, dance and express, with how much vulnerability to allows herself to be witnessed in.

Thank you for this beautiful gift Janey, I love you, I adore you and worship you.

I’m still a life long learner and my journey has just begun...this reunion, this inner marriage, the depth of the relationship is what facilitate epic love. To more of this juiciness and deliciousness.

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If you feel called to take the relationship you have with yourself to the next level:

- To truly fall in love with YOU, the real YOU, with all your beauty as well as the flaws (that you think are not perfect and that you need to hide).

- To reignite this inner marriage within between your inner Masculine & Feminine

- To feel alive in your body, to deeply connect with your heart & soul

- To feel crazily, deeply and madly in love with yourself

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