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Love has no guarantee...

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There is never a guarantee when it comes to LOVE.

When you open your gate and let a man into your heart, there is no guarantee that he will reciprocate with his love.

When you trust a man, there is no guarantee that he'll honour that trust and reciprocate with his loyalty.

When you open yourself vulnerably, there is no guarantee that he will respect that and reciprocate with his deep feelings.

When you surrender yourself deeply and intimately, there is no guarantee that he'll take charge and protect you.

When you share your desires, there is no guarantee that you wont get shut down or rejected.

When you share your dreams with him, there is no guarantee that he'll share the same vision.

There is NO guarantee that you won't get hurt ...

There are always RISKS, even if you have found the right person...that the relationship won't work out, that you won't feel as connected, that you might feel rejected....all of these...are part of the journey...

...and just like anything in life...there is no guarantee...only OPPORTUNITIES...

To experience LOVE 

-- not the surface kind of love, but deep love (with yourself & other), soul connection love, the type of love that shake your being at the core.

To experience TRUST

-- to deeply trust in yourself that you can handle anything that comes as a result.

-- to deeply trust another being to handle your heart and feel completely at 'HOME' in his heart


-- to be in the space of truths and openness with another being without judgment or criticisms.

-- to be completely yourself with someone and know that you are MORE than enough


-- to feel a sense of peace, freedom and joy when you completely let go

-- to feel greatly supported in his presence and being, to feel like even if the world is gonna fall, he'll be there for you

So when you hold back on LOVE (with yourself or others), you deprive yourself the opportunities to experience all of the above and soooooo much more...deep connection, passion, joy, happiness, bliss, abundance, fun, adventures name it...all the things you ever want/desire is right here....

Love xo


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