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Relationship Truth Bombs

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Last week I was working with a client of mine, let’s call her Sarah. Sarah and I have been working together because she felt very disconnected with herself and in her relationship. She was at a stage where if nothing changed, her relationship would be over. Sarah is very knowledgeable around relationships. What I mean by that is she knows all the right things to do, she has read all the popular relationship books & articles out there, listened to tons of podcasts…Yet nothing seemed to change in her relationship. In the session, we quickly discovered a few things that we need to work on in her relationship:

  1. Sarah couldn’t identify her relationship blindspots to work on, what she thought was the problem isn’t the real problems.
  2. Sarah was great at collecting information but not taking ACTIONS and implementing what she learns
  3. There are some negative relationship patterns that she currently has that led her to self-sabotage her relationship.

Why am I telling you this? You see, I know for a fact that so many of you are on the same boat as Sarah. I’m sharing with you this because I deeply care about you, about your relationship. I truly believe that everyone deserves to have the most passionate, the loving relationship of their lives. That’s my truth, my passion and purpose.

You opted in because there is a gap in your relationship. You feel disconnected to yourself and your partner. You feel like you just co-existing in the same house, share the same beds, but not much connection, intimacy, romance or communication happening. You feel frustrated because deep down you know you deserve better.

I love that you opted in for the Free guide, but the reality is, information is NOT the key to change your relationship. Information alone is NOT enough… and will NEVER be enough to take your relationship to the level you want it to be.

Why? Because what creates change is ACTIONS, not INFORMATION. I love the saying “To know and NOT do is to not know at all”…

You see, there are tons of information out there about relationship, but nothing is going to shift just by you reading the information. You need to be able to implement the knowledge, knowing & learning. But’s it’s more than that, you need to be able to identify the real issues, the gaps, the blindspots in your relationship in order to work on them. NOTHING is going to change if you don’t put in the effort and prioritising your relationship.

I know I’m being harsh and very straight forward, I am here to serve you…and I believe that the best way to serve you is to tell you things for what they are without sugar-coating it. My tough love coaching approach is why my clients get FAST & LONG LASTINg results. I tell them what they need to hear because everyone else is not telling them the truth.

So here are some relationship truth bombs I want to share with you, with the hope that these will create a shift in your reality and for you to start taking actions and stepping up to create the relationship you truly desire.

  1. Your relationship deserves the devotion as much as your career, your children, your social life etc.…probably even more. You deserve more…and you know that.2.You have the same amount of hours per day as everyone else. is not about finding more time to work on your relationship but prioritising what’s truly important.
  2. If you stop turning up at work, you’ll get fired. The same thing can happen in your relationship. Stop ‘turning up’ in your relationship and one day, you’re served with a redundancy.
  3. The only difference between an OK relationship and the one that is hanging on by a thread is TIME. Don’t wait until it’s too late to start doing something about it. You can start changing your relationship NOW.
  4. Like I said, information alone is NOT enough. You need to take actions and have the willingness to face your fears and let go of the things that no longer serve you
  5. You are the common denominator in ALL of your relationships. You will keep showing up everywhere, you will bring all your patterns, emotional scars & baggage with you everywhere. This means that even if you get into the new relationship, chances are, you will keep attracting the same type of partner & repeat the same mistakes (Unless, you start working on yourself & your relationship NOW)
  6. You know you deserve more.  Deep down you yearn for deep connection, for full acceptance, amazing support, fireworks, sparks, mind blowing sex…Don’t let people tell you that you can’t have any of this. Don’t let people fool you with their issues & insecurity. I know you CAN, and you WILL…but you gotta put in the work.
  7. I know you are fearful to face your truths because it can make you feel like a failure. I know it can be hard to face your reality because it’s not where you wanna be. But if nothing changes now, nothing changes. Imagine where you’ll be in 5 years time - You either break up & have to start all over again, or you stay in this relationship feeling miserable & unfulfilled, OR you can have everything you ever desire. The choice is yours.

Like I said, I deeply care about my clients and greatly obsessed with helping my clients create the relationship of their dreams. The results speak for themselves, many of my clients have transformed their relationship in the matter of few weeks.

This can be YOU too… It’s time to step up, to take actions …

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